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Dovahkiin Assassins by KillerWolf1020 Dovahkiin Assassins by KillerWolf1020
Fang, my Argonian dagger dual weilder, and Fuzy(dragon) my boyfriend's Dark Elf (Dunmer) Spellsword.

Fang has been my character for all of the Elder Scrolls games. She has always been an Argonian (as I like the water breathing stuff) and only a few time's has she changed race. Her marking and "hair/Feather's" have changed over the years but I think this is the best look for her.

Back story: Fang was born in Black Marsh like any other Argonian. She was born under the sign of the Thief and took up the class of BlackBlood Assassin (a class I made) Fang traveled to Cyrodiil when she turned 18 where she was arrested for stealing from a noble in the Imperial City. (I know it is never said why you are arrested in Oblivion but this is my reason, it may change over time.) There she met the Emperor and witnessed his death taking on the burden to find his heir. Bored with the quest she started roaming the wilderness, taking on quests given by random people and then eventually, murdered her first victim, alerting the Dark Brotherhood to her beginning lust for death. This was the beginning the downfall of her mental stability. She quickly rose through the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood and eventually was ordered to assassinate her own guild comrades on a false lead that they were traitors. She again witnessed another death, the death of Lucien Lachance, the speaker of the Black Hand. Devastated by the death of the man she had developed a crush on and the false information that led her to murder her comrades, Fang hunted down the people responsible for Lucien and brutally murdered him, playing with him and torturing him till his death. She later went on to become the next listener, replacing her lost love she became dark and hallow.

Fang continued on her journey eventually joining the Thieves guild, Mages guild, and Fighters guild, becoming the leader of all the guilds. Fang also became the champion of the Arena in the Imperial City, visiting every now and then to beat creatures senseless and bloody. Fang continued on leading the guild’s until she became bored with Cyrodiil. She then traveled to Skyrim where she was again arrested for murdering a High Elf and imprisoned once again.

In Skyrim, she was freed when a Dragon flew down and scared the shit out of everyone. She escaped with some Stormcloak prisoners and made her way to the town of Riverwood where she met up with some people who directed her to the city of Whiterun where she discoved she was one of the Dragonborn, a Dovahkiin. Fang proved herself a Dragonborn when she aided in the death of a dragon attacking a guard tower. The Graybeards called for her upon her return to Whiterun. She then sought out the Graybeards, those who spoke in the dragon tongue. When she arrived, she learned two essential shouts. The beginning words for Unrelenting Force and Whirlwind Sprint.

Fang then traveled throughout Skyrim in search for more shouts eventually ending up in Riften where she met Brynjolf, second in command of the Thieves guild. She completed a task given to her to steal from one of the local stall owners, gaining entrance into the Thieves guild. Again she ascended to the top of the ranks, becoming a Nightingale, and silencing the traitor to the guild and restoring the guild to its former glory. Fang then continued her search for more shouts, spending days without sleep and food. She gathered many shouts and eventually became bored with her quest. Fang sought out the Companions where she joined the guild and became interested in the twins Farkas and Vilkas. She joined them on their missions and witnessed as Farkas transformed himself into a werewolf. As Fang advanced in the ranks of the Companions she was offered lycanthropy which she gladly accepted. Upon turning she went rampant, but not before escaping from the Companions, for their own safety. She killed a few guards then ran into the wilderness where she continued on till her lycanthropy wore off, transforming her back to her lizard self. She returned to the Companions and eventually went on to becoming the Harbinger. Fang then traveled to Windhelm where she heard of a little boy named Aventus Aretino who was trying to contact the Dark Brotherhood.

Fang paid the boy a visit and was mistaken for one of the assassins who had come to grant his request to kill the orphanage headmistress. Fang carried out the deed, gladly and was once again, sought out by the Dark Brotherhood. Upon joining them, Fang became very unsettled with how the guild was being run, but she followed them anyway. Gaining their trust, Fang descended into insanity. The old ways had been lost, and to better insult her, she was given a spell by Astrid (after she too betrayed Fang to save the guild) and again made the Listener and was given the responsibility to restore the Dark Brotherhood to its former glory, once again. The spell she received contained the spirit of Lucien, who seems to have no recollection of her or past events other than his days as a Assassin and Listener. Fang constantly summoned Lucien to listen to him babble on about the old days. She would sit alone in caves, just listening to him, surviving on Nirnroot (an plant she took to obsessively collecting in Cyrodiil, and even more so in Skyrim due to its abundance). Eventually she found her way back to Riften where she was confronted by Vilkas, who he asked her to marry him seeing the Amulet of Mara she wore (she acquired it sometime during her quests in the caves). Fang agreed and the now currently go on missions together, unless Fang wants to do some merciless killing. Then Vilkas stays at home and cooks.

(This may not exactly follow the stories of both Oblivion or Skyrim, but this is pretty much how I played through the game up till now…summarized and as much as I can remember.) Do NOT come to me complaining about this not following the exact lore of the elder scrolls (also note I never finished the story in Oblivion)

Fuzydragon is a Dark Elf Spellsword assassin who started off as a nice guy then the addiction to Taproot started. Now he murders because it tells him to.

No backstory for Fuzydragon because he is not my character.

Armor and weapons in this picture:

Fang: Nightingale Armor (Chest/legs, gloves), Ancient Shrouded Cowl, Blade of Woe, Mehrunes' Razor.

Fuzydragon: Black Sacrament Armor (Fan made DLC), Chillrend, Fireball spell.

Art and Fang © Killerwolf1020
Fuzydragon© Fuzydragon
Races and the world of Skyrim and Oblivion © Bethesda and whoever else owns Elder Scrolls.
Eragon007 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012
really nice pic
KillerWolf1020 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you
Eragon007 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012
welcome ^^
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